Cosmic Consequences Booklet

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The Cosmic Consequences of Christ’s Crosswork booklet explains, clearly and concisely, not only what Jesus came to do for individual human souls—to atone for our sins and provide for us the gift of His own righteousness to reconcile us to God (Romans 2–5)—but also what He came to do for the whole of creation: to reconcile it, too, to God (Romans 8; Colossians 1).

Why did the creation need reconciliation to God? Because God placed it under His curse in response to mankind’s sin—which was fitting because mankind was God’s representative, called to exercise a godly dominion over the earth but who instead rebelled against God and chose his own way, exchanging the creature for the Creator.

Beginning long ago—with God’s promise in Genesis 3:15 of the coming Messiah, His using Noah to preserve humanity and all other air-breathing life on earth through the Flood, His call of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to father the Jewish nation, His deliverance of Israel and giving of His law through Moses, and His blessing Israel with prophets, priests, and kings—that reconciliation will continue and reach its fullness when Christ returns. And our stewardship of the earth is one aspect of that reconciliation.