Narrow Gate Narrow Way

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Talk is cheap, and so is a profession of faith apart from repentance. But we live in a day when people put more stock in a once-said prayer than a life reflective of a renewed heart. Taking Matthew 7:13–27 as his text, Paul Washer reminds us of Jesus’s insistence that His way is narrow, and that its travelers will bear good fruit and rest on the solid foundation of God’s Word. Neglecting these warnings from Christ have left many on the broad road to destruction. Don’t think you are heading to heaven if you are not following the way of the Master.

Author’s Prayer

Matthew 7:13–27

1. Test Yourself
2. Go Through the Narrow Gate
3. Walk in the Narrow Way
4. You Will Know Them by Their Fruit
5. Fruitless Professions of Faith
6. Does Jesus Know You?
7. Two Kinds of People
8. Real Holiness
9. What Is Your Response?
A Closing Prayer