Knowing the Spirit

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Knowing the Spirit: Who He Is, What He Does, and How He Can Transform Your Christian Life by Costi Hinn

Explore what the Bible really says about the Holy Spirit and what it means to see the power of the Holy Spirit at work in your life.

Whether intentionally or not, many Christians today seek health, wealth, and happiness by summoning the Holy Spirit like a genie to grant their wishes. When things don't go the way they think they should, disappointment and disillusionment abound. But it doesn't have to be this way.
In Knowing the Spirit, author, pastor, and speaker Costi Hinn shows you why a relationship with the Holy Spirit is the most important next step on your journey as a Christian. Using clear and sound interpretation of Scripture, Costi clarifies who the Holy Spirit is--and who he isn't--and answers some of the most important and most frequently asked questions about him, such as:

- What does the Holy Spirit do?
- Does the Holy Spirit speak today?
- What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit?
- What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit?
- What does it mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit?
- What does it mean to walk by the Spirit?
- What is praying in the Spirit?
- And more!

This book is only the beginning of your journey of knowing and loving the Holy Spirit. With the solid and biblical foundation presented in these pages, the Holy Spirit is someone you will confidently walk with every day for the rest of your life.