Life is Best

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This 13-episode DVD series entitled “Life Is Best” comprehensively and biblically covers the abortion issue.  You will be equipped to debunk the futile reasoning of pro-abortionists and to explain why God, His Word and the Gospel provide truth and hope.

Preview of Episode 1:

13-Episode Contents:

Episode 1 - What is it?
Segment 1: We can abort babies if...
Segment 2: The fundamental question: what are the unborn?
Segment 3: S.L.E.D

Episode 2 - What the Bible says about abortion
Segment 1: Sin, grace, forgiveness
Segment 2: Trot out the toddler
Segment 3: Trot out the toddler for rape and incest

Episode 3 - Exposing the darkness
Segment 1: Should we show images of aborted babies?
Segment 2: Abortion is a gruesome business
Segment 3: Jesus is willing to forgive wicked people

Episode 4 - The Bodily Autonomy Argument
Segment 1: The violin analogy
Segment 2: The violin analogy, part two
Segment 3: Bad pro-life arguments

Episode 5 - Men and Abortion
Segment 1: Men can speak on this issue
Segment 2: Men who coerce women
Segment 3: Women who have been hurt by men

Episode 6 - Human Value
Segment 1: S.L.E.D.
Segment 2: Human value is intrinsic
Segment 3: Defending the Bible

Episode 7 - Emotions
Segment 1: Guilt
Segment 2: Shame
Segment 3: Self pity and anger

Episode 8 - Maternal Objections
Segment 1: It’s my body, incarceration, intent, back alley
Segment 2: Privacy, religion, life of mother, provide a quality life
Segment 3: Shouldn’t bring a disabled baby into the world

Episode 9 - Baby Objections
Segment 1: We don’t know, only human potential
Segment 2: Consciousness is what makes us human
Segment 3: It's not human

Episode 10 - Postmodernism and Abortion
Segment 1: Welcome to postmodern America
Segment 2: Stay on your SLED with postmoderns
Segment 3: Trot out your toddler with postmoderns

Episode 11 - Talking the Talk
Segment 1: Speaking truth in love
Segment 2: Ask a well placed question
Segment 3: 1 minute presentation, incrementalism

Episode 12 - The Gospel and Abortion
Segment 1: Why can’t we apply the Gospel to abortion?
Segment 2: Five tips
Segment 3: Applying the Gospel to self, what happens to aborted babies?

Episode 13 - Do Something
Segment 1: Apathy, the power of the pulpit
Segment 2: What you can do
Segment 3: A trip to a former abortion clinic