Faith and Freedom 3-Book Series

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Faith & Freedom Series - New generations of the M'Kethes find freedom in 18th-century America. Adventure is afoot as Old World tyrannies clash with New World freedoms and fictional characters combine with figures from Scottish and American history.

  • Guns of Thunder: Young Duncan M'Kethe finds himself caught in the web of Sir James Turner, the former Covenanter turned military leader of the persecutors. Duncan is torn by his hatred of Turner's dragoons, who have treated his friends cruelly, and his father's instructions to love them. He must be true to Jesus Christ while attempting to rescue his father from enemy hands.

  • Guns of the Lion: Gavin Crookshank tastes battle at sea in the midst of a death struggle. Facing the noose and the dungeons, he attempts to act with integrity in a chaos of loyalties.

  • Guns of Providence: Sandy M’Kethe enlists in George Washington’s army. Soon his expert longbow skills attract the attention of the intrepid sea captain John Paul Jones. Bound for high-seas adventures, can he navigate around the guns of Providence?
Ages 8-12