Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent - Episodes 7-9

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Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent is an animated action-adventure series about a young spy with a whole lot to learn! He’s arrogant and reckless and always insists on working alone.  That is, until the day he’s paired with a very unlikely partner…his mom! Deb Defrates is NOT a spy. She knows more about cutting coupons then cutting down on crime, but her wisdom and kindness somehow always seem to save the day.

Each fun, action-packed story contains strong moral values and a Christian worldview. At the end of each episode, a brief wrap-up connects the story with a biblical illustration.

Episode 7: Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent - and The Ninja Chickens
Ryan faces a band of ninja chickens and must learn the importance of forgiveness in order to save the day.

Episode 8: Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent - and The Undercover Queen
Ryan goes undercover to protect the crown jewels of Roopleooplestein from a greedy pirate and learns the importance of respecting authority.

Episode 9: Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent - and The Web of Lies
Ryan faces an evil computer genius who tries to trap an entire town and learns an important lesson about telling the truth.

Each episode is approximately 25 minutes; Recommended for ages 6-12