Church History

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by Simonetta Carr

Church History is a fascinating guide that shows young readers (and even not-so-young readers) how God has preserved His church from AD 30 to the beginning of the twenty-first century. Travel through time and all over the world as you meet the people, learn about the ideas, and understand the challenges that have shaped the history of the church. Maps, time lines, and colorful pictures on every page show you the important people, places, and events of church history.

Learn about how Christianity spread to Armenia, the first official Christian nation; how a paper nailed to a church door in Germany marked the beginning of the Protestant Reformation; how the church has grown in places like Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

Discover how the church has answered important questions like Is Jesus really God? Can we be perfect in this life? May Christians allow slavery? and What is the gospel?

Most importantly, you will see that after two thousand years, Jesus’s church is still growing and proclaiming the good news of salvation for sinners all over the world.

Table of Contents: 

Part I - The Early Church
Part II – The Church in Late Antiquity
Part III – The Early Middle Ages
Part IV – The High Middle Ages
Part V – A Time of Reformations
Part VI – A Troubled Century
Part VII – A Time of Revivals
Part VIII – A Changing World
Part IX – The Modern World